Repositioning Legacy Building—Famed Trammell Crow Center

by William Granruth

Problem: Repositioning Legacy Building That Is Showing Its Age

Trammell Crow Center (TCC) is a large 50-story office tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, which stakeholders wanted to reposition from an iconic legacy building into a mixed-use hub. Among the marketing challenges was the fact that the building could appeal to a wide spectrum of potential users, which meant that the marketing campaign would also need to appeal to a wide spectrum as well. Doing so would require overcoming several deficits, including the building’s high vacancy rates and its floor plan layouts that were non-standard compared to the market.

Solution: Multiple Digital Pre-Builds and Walk-Throughs

BlockVue worked with Dallas’s Stream Realty Partners (developer/leasing) and JP Morgan Chase (investor) to digitally pre-build and market spaces for several potential user types. Leveraging BlockVue’s Studio solution and Space SaaS (software as a service) platform, the leasing team rapidly created ultra-realistic immersive renditions of how three different types of users would occupy the vacancies across several floor plates.

“BlockVue is easy to work with, competitively priced, and offers fast-turnaround.”

“Their Space product gives leasing team the ability to really sell all that TCC has to offer. The difference is night and day,” says Melissa Borel, lead marketing director.

Stream also leveraged BlockVue’s rapid branding capability to create digital walk-throughs that incorporated tenant branding and custom logo placement, which increased engagement and efficacy within the cross-channel marketing efforts. Those efforts also included Space-enabled mobile, web, email, and guerilla marketing.

Result: More Engagement, Less Marketing Cost

The leasing team has seen a significant increase in activity since implementing the solution. They are able to approach multiple different types of users and help them envision a build-out without investing significant capital or pigeonholing themselves into a specific user type pre-build.

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